Message from Mr. Mohammad Sadiq, Ambassador of Pakistan, on the Shahadat of Professor Syed Burhanuddin Rabbani, Chairman of the High Peace Council. 

The shahadat of Professor Burhanuddin Rabbani is an irreparable loss not only for the Afghan nation,  but the entire Muslim Ummah including Pakistan. It was also a great personal loss because of the deep admiration and respect I had for him and the affection he always showed for me.

Professor Rabbani was a close friend of Pakistan. Our affiliation with him deepened when Professor Rabbani, along with other Jihadi leaders, was engaged in a valiant struggle against Soviet occupation. These years of Jihad, when the Pakistani nation extended unflinching support to Afghan people in throwing away the yoke of foreign occupation, constituted a glorious chapter in the Islamic brotherhood between Afghanistan and Pakistan.

As Chairman of the High Peace Council, he engaged with Pakistan in a joint mission for bringing durable peace and stability to Afghanistan through an Afghan-owned and Afghan-led reconciliation process to end the three-decade long spell of destruction, tyranny and fragmentation imposed by the external factors.

In his meetings with the Pakistani leadership in recent months, the two sides reached a consensus that peace and stability in Pakistan and Afghanistan were inter-linked and, therefore, it was vital to broaden bilateral engagement and pursue our shared objectives.

Shahadat of Professor Rabbani is a great loss for Pakistan. This dastardly act of assassination is committed by the forces which are opposed to bringing peace and stability to Afghanistan and the region. These evil forces are enemies of both Pakistan and Afghanistan.

It is important to undertake a comprehensive investigation into the brutal assassination of Professor Burhanuddin Rabbani shaheed. Those responsible for planning and conducting this heinous crime need to be meted out with exemplary punishments.

The enemies of Pakistan and Afghanistan should not under-estimate our joint resolve for peace. We will continue the mission of Professor Rabbani for pursuing peace, progress and prosperity of both nations. Our destinies are inter-twined and we can not let our enemies continue to subvert our future.

I had known Ustad Rabbani for three decades when I was a student and his struggle against the forces that threatened the Islamic identity of Afghanistan was in its initial phases. Not bowing to these forces in Afghanistan, Professor Rabbani went in exile to Peshawar and successfully rallied people around him in support of his noble cause. He is truly a pioneer of Jihad-e-Afghanistan.
Shaheed Rabbani’s blood will not go waste. His sacrifice will lead us in our struggle to accomplish peace and defeat the forces of obscurantism.

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